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JOBS by Mind Map: JOBS

1. 4. DOCTOR

1.1. It is interesting to me:

1.1.1. They make so much effort to get they degree

1.1.2. They all want to help people

1.2. It is stressful:

1.2.1. Because they also save lives

1.2.2. This job also it is so stressful


2.1. It is interesting to me:

2.1.1. They all are brave people

2.2. It is stressful:

2.2.1. I think this is the MOST stressful job,

2.2.2. Because they save lives and at the same time put theirs at risk

2.3. They can get release some stress they carry by

2.3.1. They have to be prepared to situations of danger, so they have to have physical and psychological therapy.

3. 1. PILOT

3.1. It is interesting to me:

3.1.1. They are hable to see the world from a different perspective

3.2. It is stressful:

3.2.1. I think they should have a lot of preparation to be hable to handle a airplane


4.1. It is interesting to me:

4.1.1. I really like all the things related to beauty, and i think it is really fun.

4.2. It is stressful:

4.2.1. I think this is the job less stressful, because if you love it it will be easy for you, and you will not have a problem to work with any type of hair.


5.1. It is interesting to me:

5.1.1. Communication is it a really important topic nowadays.

5.2. It is stressful:

5.3. I dont think it is so stressful, maybe it can be because they have to know everything before everyone else.