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MyNetwork-LoganMazza by Mind Map: MyNetwork-LoganMazza

1. David Lea my MMA coach; can help me get into coaching myself. He can direct down a path that can get me into professional fighting and creating a career. As well as giving my life lessons and proper values.

1.1. Rory MacDonald a MMA training partner of mine; fights professionally in Bellator MMA and has fought in the UFC. Could help me with nutrition, techniques, training schedule, etc.

1.1.1. Bjorn Rebney the founder of Bellator MMA; could create a fight contract for me. As well as give tips and strategies to get myself noticed as a fighter.

1.1.2. Firas Zahabi the coach of Tristar Gym in Montreal; give me valuable advice on success.

2. Sophia Mazza my sister; attends Okanagan College. She is able to inform me on trends and what is sough after in the college. As well as what to expect in my upcoming schooling.

2.1. College professors/directors; they could give adequate information to give me a head start in some post secondary subjects. Give me a good idea of what subjects I am interested in and potentially what the best occupation would be for me.

3. Marco Mazza my Dad; knows a lots of employers looking for workers.

3.1. Friend/Owner of Specialty Bakery Brenda Larressor; a family friend, Brenda owns the specialty Bakery and could offer a job processing yeast. As well as giving me valuable information on Self Entrepreneurship and investing.

4. Banee Sandhu my friend owns Evolve Nutrition and Float & Wellness Center; keep me up to date with my fitness/nutrition. Also give me financial and business advice which could be to my advantage in the future. A route.

5. My neighbor works for Ford; could be looking for some part time student employment cleaning cars, maintenance, etc.

6. My friend Wade is the manger of DQ; he needs part time workers all the time. A good way to get service experience on my resume.

7. Tanya is at UBCO for psychology; can inform me of the process to enroll and get a career in Psychology.

7.1. Psychology professionals; can offer tips and strategies to ensure me a job. As well as directing me to the best job in the profession.