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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My dogs veterinarian- I am interested in being a vet and she could educate me on steps i need to take to do so.

2. A professor at University-Could direct me what courses I should take for certain jobs

3. Counselor at School - Opportunity to get a job shadow and educate me on all possible careers

4. A Family friend- Owns her own business in Kelowna and could find some work I could do during summer.

5. My Biology Teacher- Could help me understand what science courses I should take to get into the science program and prepare me for university

6. My downstairs neighbor- Works in education and could tell me more about the occupation as I am interested in becoming a teacher

7. My sister, Megan- Attends UBCO and can help me with the application process.

8. My dad- works at bank and can help me with finances for school and set up bank account for a job.

9. My friends, Vanna and Janiah- Have applied to multiple jobs and could help me with interviews/resume

10. My mom- works at the hospital- Could educate me and possibly help me get into medical field.

11. My grandpa- Worked as a mechanic for UBCO and knows a lot of professors. Could help me get in contact with a professor.