Role of a teacher

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Role of a teacher by Mind Map: Role of a teacher

1. Classroom

1.1. Know your students, their backgrounds and the ways they learn

1.2. Treat students equally

1.3. Manage and awareness of student welfare

1.4. Develop effective routines and structures

1.5. Plan excursions, incursions etc.

1.6. Develop behaviour management techniques

1.7. Provide constructive feedback

2. Faculty (TAS)

2.1. Work collaboratively with colleagues

2.2. Help Collegues

2.3. Be courteous and approachable

3. School

3.1. Be aware of your responsibilities and duty of care to students

3.2. Behave professionally

3.3. Professional development

3.4. Comply with school/state codes

3.5. Use public resources economically

3.6. respect confidentiality

3.7. Report inappropriate behaviour

3.8. Supervise students in playground

4. Wider Community

4.1. Role model

4.2. Active in the community

4.3. Engage parents / caregivers