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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Mom She has connections with people that have a variety of different careers.

2. My Dad He works for a large company and would have many connections I could use. He also could help with getting ready for interviews and preparing a resume.

3. Kate Walker : Best Friend She works as a hostess for restaurant and has a family connection with the owner. She would be able to let me know if they have any openings for jobs. She also would be able to put a good word in for me.

4. Jeff Glasser : Cousin He owns his own business so he has many different connections that I could use to get a job. He also would be able to give me advice on my resume and for interviews.

5. Elwood Stone : Great Uncle My great uncle used to work in the banking industries and has many connections with various types of companies.

6. Nikki Stephenson : Cousin She has a masters in reproductive biology and works at a university. So, she has connections that I could use. She would also be able to give me information on that career path.

7. Grant Stevens : Neighbor He is a VP of Human Resources at Flight Craft and would be able to give me advice on resumes and tips for interviews.

8. School Counsellor They would be able to give me information on choosing a career path and may have different opportunities for me.

9. Mrs. Kulak : Biology Teacher She would be able to give me insight into different careers in biology, something of which I have a large interest in.

10. Odette Allonby : Cousin She has a PhD in biochemistry and would be able to answer my questions around that type of career. She also may have connections at the drug company she works for that I could use.