Differences between the two major models of aging

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Differences between the two major models of aging by Mind Map: Differences between the two major models of aging

1. Disengagement theory - views aging as a mutual withdrawal in which older adults volunterely slow down by which they retire.

1.1. As many retirees get on with their retirement. They either fall into a sedimentary state where they dont do anyting and sit around isolated. The other things they do is get another job part time to keep them active.

2. Activity theory - shows a positive correlation between keeping active and aging well.

2.1. In the last decade many more aging adults have been taking initiative to keep their body and mind healthier. Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming, cycling and running. All this in their 60's

3. growing old means different things in different meaning, and in different cultures.

3.1. different cultures age differently can get around either easier or put away on a pedistol like a matriarc.

4. Either theory has no more signifigance than the other.

5. Between the two theories I see the perception of what we all talk about doing when we get to retirement age, and what actually happens. The body does slow down and we get tired easier. We become more apt to just getting daily tasks done around the home. We get to bed earlier. We even take naps mid day. My parent is just such a person who does this. She has made herself very isolated. Her body is aging faster than her mind, so she has had to slow down because of ailments.

6. My father who is a runner still smokes and runs ever other day His doctor stated to him to give up the smokes and lessen the pasta and wine. He gave up the pasta for the wine, but that he cut back on. He loved to run the Hood to Coast till this last year now that he is in his 70's he walks fast. He is retired and single but loves to dance and run with the ladies.

6.1. Between the disengagement and Activity my parents took to completely different routes. Both deal with dipression, both deal with their own insecurities. Both of them stated their feeling of both are the mindset and a balance of health concerns