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My network by Mind Map: My network

1. My mom: My mom is a nurse at the hospital and could get me in to talk with some of the doctors about their education and their journey to get there.

2. Huan: Huan is my volleyball coach and he could talk to university coaches for me or I can use him as a reference when applying for jobs.

3. Taylor: My friend Taylor has a job at Earls and she could help me get an interview there.

4. Auntie Robin: My auntie Robin is an artist and sells her paintings so I can talk to her about how she gets into craft fairs and the business side of it.

5. My brother: My brother's friend parents own their own interior design company so I could talk to them about what education they needed and how they got their business running.

6. My dad: My dad knows tons of people who own their own business and could help me get jobs there.

7. My neighbour: My neighbour runs a daycare business out of her house. I could possibly get a job there.

8. My leadership teacher: My leadership teacher has tons of connections and could help me find volunteer work or a job. He could also be a reference because he knows my leadership skills.

9. My orthodontist: I am very interested in orthodontics for post-secondary so i could ask him about what he did post-secondary and how hard it was.

10. My math teacher: I really enjoy math and I am also considering a career in math. I would ask him for advice about some post-secondary programs or some jobs I can succeed in.