Roy (Deuce) Andermann Jr

Roy Andermann Jr

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Roy (Deuce) Andermann Jr by Mind Map: Roy (Deuce) Andermann Jr

1. Education

1.1. Bachelors in Biology, studied shark anatomy, mostly gill architecture

1.2. Masters in Biology, studied fossil sharks

1.3. Masters in Chemical Engineering, focused on nanoengineering

1.4. Pursuing MBA with a concentration in Financial Businesses at JHU

2. Work

2.1. Previous job: Adjunct Faculty, Anatomy & Physiology, taught pre-medical and nursing students

2.2. Previous job: Enforcement Writer / Scientist, enforced regulatory law upon private industry in the energy sector

2.3. Current job: Chemical Engineering Consultant, advise and perform process improvement and regulatory reporting projects for petrochemical clients

3. Hobbies

3.1. Weightlifting

3.2. Chinese Acrobatics (until knee injury). No more acrobatics after that

3.3. Day trips with the family. Zoo, aquarium, swamp (we live in Louisiana), etc.

4. Family

4.1. Wife

4.1.1. 1st grade teacher

4.2. 4 year old daughter

4.2.1. Loves taking care of the newborn

4.3. 3 year old daughter

4.3.1. Loves testing to see how much force it takes to rip books and destroy toys.

4.4. 1 year old son

4.4.1. Just learning to talk. Can say "no" and "dinosaur"

4.5. 3 week old son

4.5.1. Cries and poops

4.6. Used to have a betta fish named Maui but a few weeks ago the 3 year old poured flour and sugar in the tank. Maui did not survive