Norman Rockwell

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Norman Rockwell by Mind Map: Norman Rockwell

1. Biography

1.1. He was born in New York City, on February 3, 1894

1.2. He died on November 8, 1978

1.3. He was American painter and illustrator

1.4. He was a storyteller

2. Artist

2.1. At age 14, Rockwell enrolled in art classes at The New York School of Art

2.2. Two years later, in 1910, he left high school to study art at The National Academy of Design

2.3. In 1916, he created the first of 321 covers for The Saturday Evening Post

2.4. In 1963, he ended his 47 years association with The Saturday Evening Post an began to work for Look magazin

3. Married

3.1. In 1916, He married Irene O'Connor, they divorced in 1930

3.2. In 1930, Rockwell married Mary Barstow, a schoolteacher, and the couple had three sons, Jarvis, Thomas, an Peter

3.3. Six years later, Mary Barstow Rockwell died

3.4. In 1961, He married Molly Punderson, a retired teacher

4. Work

4.1. The Problem We All Live With, 1964 Four Freedoms, 1943 Triple Self-Portrait, 1960