Business Intelligent Tools And Techniques

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Business Intelligent Tools And Techniques by Mind Map: Business Intelligent Tools And Techniques

1. Information and Knowledge Discovery

1.1. Data Mining

1.1.1. Techniques Predictive Classification Regression Predection Time Series Analytics Descriptive Clustering Summerization Association Rule Sequence Discovery Prespective Predictive Analytics Plus Rules optimization

1.1.2. Tools Rapidminer IBM Cognos SAS Microsoft Power BI Orange Teradata DataMelt Rattle Sisense

1.2. Web Mining

1.2.1. Techniques Web structure mining hyperlinks Document Structure Web content mining Database view Information Retrieval View Web usage mining Web Server Data Application Server Data

1.2.2. Tools R Octoparse. Oracle Data Mining (ODM) Tableau Scrapy HITS Algorthim PageRank Algorithm

1.3. OLAP

1.3.1. Techniques Roll-up Slice and dice Drill-down Pivot

1.3.2. Tools IBM Cognos Microstratigy Apache kylin icCube Oracle BI Sab EG Jedox

1.4. Reports

1.4.1. Techniques Ad hoc (or on-demand) reports

1.4.2. tools IBM Cognos Report Studio SAP BussinessObject WebIntellgence SAP BussinessObject Cyrstal Report Microsoft Sql Server Reporting Service Oracle Report Service Pentaho Reporting

1.5. Text Mining

1.5.1. Techniques categorization entity extraction sentiment analysis

1.5.2. Tools GATE RapidMiner KH Coder Google Natural Language api QDA Miner

2. Visualization

2.1. Visual Analysis

2.1.1. Techniques Bar Chart Histogram Scatter Plot Network Streamgraph treemap Gantt chart Heat map

2.1.2. Tools Xcelsius SAP BPC Crystal Reports

2.2. Dashboard

2.2.1. Techniques Operational dashboards Strategic dashboards Analytical dashboards

2.2.2. Tools IBM Watson Analytics Google Analytics Solutions Geckoboard HappyMetrix Klipfolio Cyfe MicroStrategy

2.3. 3d Virtual Reality

2.3.1. Techniques Holographic Effect

2.3.2. Tools Musin holographic studio