Whole School Sports Coordinator

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Whole School Sports Coordinator by Mind Map: Whole School Sports Coordinator

1. Leadership for Coaching / PHE Teachers

1.1. Initial Coaches Meeting

1.1.1. Vision

1.1.2. Providing Value: ensuring participation is a "get to" not a "have to"

1.1.3. Non-Negotiables Planning for successful practices; utilize all resources (equipment, facilities, human) Setting and communicating clearly the standards for attitudes and actions; modeling these, and consistently enforcing consequences as well as rewarding performance Following up on "the little things" Communication - "early and often"; asking for help is not a weakness

1.2. Seasonal Coaches Meetings

1.2.1. Defining roles and responsibilities

1.2.2. Defining Objectives for the season Physical Emotional Social

1.2.3. Reviewing logistical and administrative responsibilities

1.2.4. Defining the "what", "how", and "whether" of learning sport "what' is going to be learned "how" is it going to be learned "whether" or not it is actually learned

1.3. Creating a "Team Environmnet"

1.3.1. Establish PLC for coaching staff

1.3.2. "Invite" off-season coaches to observe in-season practices for the purpose of looking for additional tools for coaching

1.3.3. Hold end of season coaching social to recognize efforts of the coaches

1.4. Developing a K-12 Athletic Curriculum

1.4.1. Identify the standards for conceptual knowledge, skill development, and character growth for sport of every level

1.4.2. Document standards and indicators

1.4.3. Document coaching strategies

2. Promotion

3. Student Sports Leadership Council

4. Policies and Procedures

4.1. Review current policies and procedures to edit (or create) to make management efficient

4.1.1. Review communication systems and improve for efficiency How we communicate with players How we communicate with each other How we communicate with community teachers GA parents

4.1.2. Recruitment and tryout evaluation process

4.1.3. Equipment and inventory control procedures PE Athletic Teams

4.1.4. Event Procedures Traveling Logistical Team Mangement Hosting Hosting Parents Protocol Event Logistics Vendor needs

4.2. Sports Handbook

4.2.1. Review what has been completed

4.2.2. Complete what needs to still be done

5. Partnerships

5.1. ISACI

6. Collaboration w/in Stonehill

7. Facilities