Training Management Platform

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Training Management Platform by Mind Map: Training Management Platform

1. Event Module

1.1. Booking Management

1.1.1. Booking form Booking updates and cancellations modify potential based on Ts&Cs CRM Integration Auto responder Auto create contact if no existent Multiple attendees Auto close event from booking cap per event Link from Marketing site Fields Account name lookup Full name Email Role Auto create potential Quoting

1.1.2. link to customer portal

1.2. Event Management

1.2.1. Event Creation (auto populate Campaign names) Event Filters Event cap per event type Location (State) Campaign type (Training type)

1.2.2. Display FULL events Waiting list notify team waiting list management

1.2.3. Event request form Request Webinar

1.2.4. Confirm Event

2. Contact Module

2.1. Certification

2.2. Training history

2.3. Feedback Survey

2.4. Assessments

2.5. CRM Customer Portal Integration

2.6. SSO

3. Content Management

3.1. Learning Platform Integration

3.2. Access Credentials

4. Marketing

4.1. Training Marketing EDMs

5. Profitability

5.1. Training P&L

5.2. Event costs

5.2.1. Venue hire

5.2.2. Catering

5.2.3. travel costs zoho expense integration