AWS Management Tools

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AWS Management Tools by Mind Map: AWS Management Tools

1. IAM

1.1. password policy

1.1.1. minimum password length.

1.1.2. pecific character types & remind your users that passwords are case sensitive

1.1.3. change own passwords.

1.1.4. change password after a specified period of time

1.1.5. Prevent reusing previous passwords

1.1.6. contact an account administrator when password to expire

1.2. function

1.2.1. manage SSL certitficate

1.2.2. NO method in the IAM system to allow or deny access to the operating system of a specific instance EC2 because Amazon EC2 uses SSH keys, Windows passwords, and security groups to control who can access.

1.3. support

1.3.1. EC2

1.3.2. RDS

1.3.3. S3

1.3.4. SQS

1.3.5. SNS

1.3.6. Management Console

1.4. includes

1.4.1. policy

1.4.2. user is a unique identity recognized by AWS services and applications. individual system application when first creation automatically generate

1.4.3. group

1.4.4. role entity that defines a set of permissions can not added to a specific user or group

2. CloudWatch

2.1. monitoring service for AWS cloud resources

2.1.1. collect and track metrics

2.1.2. collect and monitor log files

2.1.3. set alarms

2.1.4. time traveling 5 minutes

2.2. metric

2.2.1. created CPU usage Disk read operations Network in

2.2.2. custom Memory usage

3. CloudTrail

3.1. log, continuously monitor, and retain events related to API calls from

3.1.1. Console

3.1.2. AWS SDKs

3.1.3. command line

3.1.4. higher-level AWS services.

3.2. Characteristics

3.2.1. is enabled globally

3.2.2. is enabled on a per-region basis

3.2.3. can be delivered to Amazon S3 bucket CloudWatch log

4. resource-based permissions

4.1. S3

4.2. SNS

4.3. SQS