The Bunbury Port

Concept Map of HASS Theme: Bunbury Port

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The Bunbury Port by Mind Map: The Bunbury Port

1. Assessment Ideas

1.1. Retrieval Chart

1.2. T Chart comparing continuity and change of the Bunbury Port

1.3. Timeline of the changes to Bunbury Port (Summative)

1.4. Mindmap

1.4.1. Identifying what the Port is - PURPOSE

1.5. Graphic organiser

1.5.1. Locate and collect information from a range of sources outlining ways the Port has changed and ways it has stayed the same.

1.6. Label map of Port - Comparing old and new port - changes? Coninuity?

1.7. Presenting timeline to class or group

2. Year 3 Humanities & Social Sciences

2.1. One important example of change and one important example of continuity over time in the local community, region or state/territory (e.g. in relation to the areas of transport, work, education, natural and built environments, entertainment, daily life) (ACHASSK062)

2.2. Links to English (Integration)

2.3. General Capabilities

2.4. Cross-curricular priorities


3.1. Expansion

3.2. New Inner Harbour

3.3. New railway to access Port

3.4. New processing facilities and sheds

3.5. Bunbury has grown

3.6. Has what we export changed? Opeining of Worsley Alumia

3.7. Number of ships

3.8. Cruise ships


4.1. Old Bunbury Jetty is still in Bunbury today, however is not in use - historical site.

4.2. Still exporting products through the Port

4.3. Silos which were used to store grain are still in existence, however have been converted to an apartment complex

5. Old Bunbury Jetty

5.1. The original Port in Bunbury

5.2. Collect pictures for comparison to today

6. Sources of Information

6.1. Bunbury Port Authority

6.2. Bunbury Museum

6.3. Internet

6.4. Local library

7. Resources

7.1. Images past and present

7.2. newspaper articles

7.3. videos

8. General ideas

8.1. alumina

8.2. Bauxite

8.3. Vocabulary

8.3.1. Docking

8.3.2. Berths

8.3.3. Inner Harbour

8.3.4. Outer Harbour

8.3.5. Breakwater

8.4. Exporting from the Port

8.5. Jobs

8.6. Growth of Bunbury due to Port

9. Teaching strategies

9.1. Jigsaw

9.2. Think, Pair Share

9.3. Groups rotating through different stations