modification of the environment

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modification of the environment by Mind Map: modification of the environment

1. 1-removing crrosive constituents

1.1. oxygen: removing o from salution using oxygen scavengers.

1.2. water:removing water in closed system container or rapping using water obsorbent materials _removing water in closed system or room by dehumidication_raising few degree celsius of the storage room temperature to lower ralative air humidity.

1.3. acide:neutralize acide medium by applying alkaline materials or basic chemicals.

1.4. sold particles:removing solid particles from medium by filter.

1.5. salts:removing ions of salts by using ion exchange resins.

2. 2-changing environment condition

2.1. temperature:lowering temperature will normally decrease corrosion rate.

2.2. velocity :decreasing velocity will decreas attack

2.3. concentration: lowering the concentration of corrosive ions reduce attack.

3. 3-adding corrosin inhibitors : absutans, when added in small concentral to corrosive eniviroment lower the corrosion rate by retarding the anodicand.

3.1. type of in hibitors

3.1.1. andic

3.1.2. cathodic

3.1.3. ohmic

3.1.4. adsorption

3.1.5. percipitation

3.1.6. vapor phase