About Lenny Klopouh

Lenny Klopouh Mind Map

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About Lenny Klopouh by Mind Map: About Lenny Klopouh

1. Professional Background

1.1. I am a physician and specialize in nephrology. I am in private practice since 2006.

1.2. Interested in administrative side of medicine

1.3. I sub-specialize in Interventional Nephrology

2. Family

2.1. I am married to my beautiful wife for almost 20 years.

2.2. We have 3 daughters

2.3. Cool fact: if everything works as planned, we will have 4 graduations in 2022: my oldest daughter will be graduating from college, middle one from High School, youngest from Middle School, and I am from Carey Business School.

3. Where I come from

3.1. I was born in Kiev, former Soviet Union

3.2. Came to U.S. in 1992, and lived in Baltimore ever since with a 4 year detour to Richmond for Medical School

4. Hobbies

4.1. Listening to Classical Music

4.2. I play guitar a little and know a lot of Russian songs :)

4.3. I am a big football fan (go Ravens!)

5. Education:

5.1. I graduate with BA from Goucher College and went to Medical College of Virginia (now VCU) in Richmond. I completed my Internal Medicine Residency and Nephrology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.