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WAVES by Mind Map: WAVES

1. transverse waves


1.1.1. amplitude: a measure of the "height" of a wave AND how much energy is in the wave

1.2. electromagnetic spectrum (transverse light waves)

1.2.1. radio waves --> microwaves --> infrared waves --> visible light --> ultraviolet --> x-ray --> gamma ray visible light is a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans can see we can see colors because visible light wavelengths are reflected into our eyes (ex: we see a red apple because the red wavelength is REFLECTED and all other colors are ABSORBED) we see the color white when all the colors are REFLECTED; we see the color black when all the colors are ABSORBED

1.2.2. electromagnetic waves can move through a vacuum (space where there is NO matter) AND can move through matter (liquids, solids, gas) ultraviolet waves can penetrate matter (liquids and gases) this is how we can get sunburned in a pool

2. wavelength: measure the "length" of both longitudinal and transverse waves


3. Seismic waves are created when the rock that makes up the earth's crust breaks and releases potential energy