HarperCollins Brasil Metadata

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HarperCollins Brasil Metadata by Mind Map: HarperCollins Brasil Metadata

1. Systems

1.1. MDM

1.1.1. Main metadata system Printed Books E-books Audiobooks

1.1.2. Production Control

1.1.3. Interfaces Market Place Integration ONIX Output ONIX Input

1.2. MXM

1.2.1. ERP System Invoices Inventory Management

1.2.2. Sales System Orders Consingments Purchases

1.2.3. Financial System Billings

2. Editorial Board

2.1. Decision meetings

2.1.1. Publishing Books approval Cover approval Texts and Descriptions approval

2.1.2. Production Costs estimates Special materials /Costs estimates First runs

2.1.3. Sales Pricing Distribution Strategies