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My Goals by Mind Map: My Goals

1. professional

1.1. I will read at least two books a month during JIEI program. I am going to make use of RC class efficiently and be accustomed to reading English books.

1.2. I will write a journal once a week and get feedback from the teacher while I am taking JIEI lessons. So I can write more clearly and with less errors.

1.3. I will develop and apply three student-centered activities to the classroom once a month to boost students' motivation.

2. personal

2.1. I will play badminton twice a week regularly during six months. I can be healthier and have fun in my life.

2.2. I will take a cooking class once a month . It means I can learn how to make traditional Korean food.

2.3. I will take a trip once a year abroad with my husband. So I can reduce my stress and be refreshed.