Murdoch-Darling Performing Arts Centre Project at Maryborough State High School

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Murdoch-Darling Performing Arts Centre Project at Maryborough State High School by Mind Map: Murdoch-Darling Performing Arts Centre Project  at Maryborough  State High School

1. Project Description

1.1. Scope

1.1.1. To deliver a facility able to cover for future school growth particularly in music and performing arts Music & Performance centre with the following spaces: Stage area 4 x General Learning Areas (GLAs) Ample sitting area AV Room Cafe Offices Music Rooms Backstage Change rooms

1.2. Location

1.2.1. Maryborough, Queensland

1.3. Industry

1.3.1. Education

1.4. Budget

1.4.1. $5.5M

1.5. Funding

1.5.1. Through the Advancing Queensland's Schools Program (AQS), by the Department of Education, Queensland Government

1.6. Time for delivery

1.6.1. 18 months

1.7. Current Project Stage

1.7.1. In Defect Liability Period (DLP), Post Practical Completion

1.8. Procurement Method

1.8.1. Design & Construct

1.9. Complexity

1.9.1. Moderate

2. Deliverables per Project Phase

2.1. Schematic Design Phase

2.1.1. Engagement of Principal Consultants

2.1.2. Design Management through to 40% developed design

2.1.3. Preparation of Schematic Design Project Proposal (SDPP)

2.1.4. Endorsement by Department of Education and Training

2.2. Procurement & Tender Phase

2.2.1. Engagement of Procurement Consultants

2.2.2. Preparation of Contract Documentation AS 4300 Design & Construct Amended by Special Conditions

2.2.3. Compilation of tender documentation

2.2.4. Request for Tender release

2.2.5. Request for Tender closure

2.2.6. Tender evaluation Tender Evaluation Panel Formation Price Criteria Assessment of submissions Non-Price Criteria Assessment by Evaluation Panel Clarifications with best placed contractor Tender Evaluation Report preparation and recommendation for DoE

2.2.7. Contract Award

2.3. Part 1 - Design Phase

2.3.1. Appointment of Design Manager by Main Contractor

2.3.2. Developed Design 80%

2.3.3. Developed Design at 100%

2.4. Part 2 - Construct Phase

2.4.1. Site Establishment

2.4.2. Earthworks

2.4.3. Pouring of Foundations

2.4.4. Columns and Roof Beams

2.4.5. Roofing

2.4.6. Enclosure

2.4.7. Internal Fit out

2.4.8. Commissioning

2.4.9. Practical Completion

2.4.10. Defect Liability Period

2.4.11. Final Completion

2.5. Close out & Handover Phase

2.5.1. Register new facilities with Maintenance and Operations team

2.5.2. Pre-establish maintenance contracts

2.5.3. Hand as-builts and O&M manuals

3. Project Responsibilities

3.1. Principal Consultant (SD)

3.1.1. Preparation of schematic design

3.1.2. Preparation of schematic design project proposal

3.2. Design & Construct Contractor

3.2.1. Finalise develop design

3.2.2. Construction Management

3.2.3. Commissioning

3.3. Project Manager

3.3.1. To deliver a facility fit-for-purpose to cover for the school's music & performance needs Develop building design while managing school's hopes and expectations Develop a schematic design project proposal in line with the allocated budget for the project by the Department of Education Ensure procurement and tender documentations ensure best Value for Money Transfer risk to contractor and if not possible mitigate, quantify and include in contingency Ensure a 'like for like' assessment of submissions Supervise and represent best client's interest through developed design phase Overlook delivery of construction phase, ensure best contract administration practices Showcase newly delivered facilities to local authorities