Rosie's Web Experience

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Rosie's Web Experience by Mind Map: Rosie's Web Experience

1. Goals

1.1. Inform About Book

1.2. Sell Book

1.3. Amplify Viking Publicist Efforts

2. Website

2.1. Users

2.1.1. Interested in Book

2.1.2. Rosie Add/Edit Content Email Visitors?

2.1.3. Book Clubs Interview with Rosie Questions for book club meetings

2.1.4. Reviewers

2.2. Pages

2.2.1. All Pages Navigation Header Rosie Sultan Facebook Connectivity Twitter Connectivity Link to Preorder/Buy Footer Subscribe to Updates via Email All Site Navigation for Search Engines Background color or photo

2.2.2. Home Book Cover

2.2.3. The Novel Summary Book Cover Excerpts Reviews & Comments For Book Clubs Guide for Book Clubs Publisher's Info Link to Preorder/Buy Buy the Audio Book Buy the Book

2.2.4. Author Biography Photos Photos of Rosie

2.2.5. Events & Appearances

2.2.6. Other Writings

2.2.7. Links & Such

2.2.8. For the Media

2.2.9. Contact

2.2.10. Blog Subscribe Email RSS

2.3. Design

2.3.1. Easy and intuitive

2.3.2. Georgeous

2.4. Technical Requirements

2.4.1. CMS Wordpress

2.4.2. Hosting Service

2.4.3. Email Setup/Forwarding

2.5. Phases

2.5.1. Pre-Publication December-May

2.5.2. Post-Publication May-Onward Pages Email Sign Up Buy the Book

3. Facebook Page

4. Twitter Account

5. Follow-Up

5.1. Find out more about what Viking Publicist will do

5.2. How do we want to enable selling? Amazon? Affiliate link?

5.3. If we run out of time. We'll do training of Rosie after site launches.

5.4. Are there other photos we can use for pages/background?

6. Sites We Like





6.4.1. Why?




6.7.1. Like the content, not the design.

7. To-do

7.1. Research book club pages.

8. Email Updates

8.1. Subscribe

8.2. Unsubscribe

8.3. Change Address, etc.

9. Google Analytics