United States Marine Corps History

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United States Marine Corps History by Mind Map: United States Marine Corps History

1. Colonial America

1.1. Tavern Trade in Colonial America (Episode 002)

1.1.1. City Tavern (Largest Tavern and influential to the tavern trade)

1.1.2. Oellers Hotel (one of America's first hotel and set the framework for customer service in the tavern trade).

1.1.3. Benjamin Franklin Voluntary Associations

1.1.4. William Penn (Founder of Pennsylvania and major influence in America's current values)

1.2. Samuel and Joshua Carpenter (Episode 003)

1.2.1. Samuel Carpenter Slate Roof House Charter of Privileges Carpenters Wharf

1.2.2. Joshua Carpenter The Tun (Tun Tavern) Tun Alley Fine food and private events Governors Club Masonic Lodge William Black James Mullan George Campion

1.2.3. Intro to Samuel Nicholas (First Commandant of the Marine Corps)

1.2.4. Eight Partners Brewery Elizabeth Cuff James Davis

1.3. Samuel Nicholas (Episode 004)

1.3.1. Samuel Nicholas Gloucester Fox Hunting Club Connestogoe Wagon

1.3.2. Second Continental Congress Benjamin Franklin University of Pennsylvania Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pensilvania John Hancock Thomas Jefferson John Dickinson Olive Branch Petition Declaration of the Necessity for Taking up Arms George Washington Continental Army Continental Navy Continental Marines (Nov 10, 1775)

1.3.3. Robert Mullan

1.3.4. Officer Ranks

1.3.5. Leatherneck

1.3.6. Raid on Nassau