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C&R by Mind Map: C&R

1. Taxonomy

1.1. Subcategories Requirements received from dealers. Challenge here is the legacy system, it takes a long time to implemet

1.2. Data cleaning. Has been done manually by Peter, based on Wantfacts and his search when it comes short or doesn't cover the vertical. Should be better with 1-SOURCE but feeds will keep pouring trash data in unless we have a cleaning algorithm as part of the new import system

2. Marketplace

2.1. Many products/features can be shared with PV. It has to be thought about from the different verticals perspectives. For example, CTA widget had to be tweaked for C&R. SRP is different and the VDP has a lot less offerings.

2.2. The current layout is not C&R friendly

3. TAdvantage

3.1. Website showrooms is very important to C&R customers


4.1. specific requirements for C&R and for specific verticals

5. Content

5.1. Canada Motor Guide (CMG) - Website for bikes only

5.2. Content on Marketplace - Not rich enough

6. Feeds

6.1. One of the biggest challenges for C&R. 3rd parties find it hard to to comply with our requirements

6.2. Scraping process has been defined to help until a new system comes in place. Process to be shared separately

7. Thinking about the requirements/ products from at least 9 perspectives

7.1. For example, if we are to present a "Fuel Type" fields, it applies to only few of the verticals and a subcategory from boats. Same thing for brake system

7.2. Top verticals in terms of revenue are: Powersports, Heavy trucks and RV. These were prioritized to have the focus this year. Note that Heavy trucks can be B2C or mostly B2B

8. Untapped Opportunities ($$$$$)

8.1. Rentals

8.2. Parts

8.3. Accessories

8.4. At least 1 of these 3 areas exists on every C&R dealer's website. Working on these opportunities can simply start with listing these items as subcategories under each vertical. A next step could be done through a 3rd party to allow transactions. This also a main motivator for the dealer to user TRADER as their main data provider, all their inventory in one place