Science at Pembridge Hall: Cross-Curricular Links

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Science at Pembridge Hall: Cross-Curricular Links by Mind Map: Science at Pembridge Hall: Cross-Curricular Links

1. Drama and Dance

1.1. Using movement to demonstrate scientific concepts, e.g. changing state

2. Music

2.1. Sound and vibrations

2.2. Changing pitch and volume of instruments

3. Maths

3.1. Measuring, units and scale

3.2. Graphing and tabulating data

3.3. Analysing data and patterns

3.4. Significant figures

3.5. Place value

3.6. Averages and calculations

3.7. Surface area and volume

3.8. Ratios and percentages

4. English

4.1. Reading and comprehension

4.2. Science fiction

4.3. Vocabulary development

4.4. Spelling and grammar

4.5. Writing skills, e.g. evaluation, analysis, using connectives etc.

4.6. Discussion and verbal literacy

5. Geography

5.1. Rocks and the rock cycle

5.2. Weathering and erosion

5.3. Soil

5.4. Volcanoes

5.5. Habitats and ecosystems

5.6. Weather and seasons

5.7. Fieldwork and sampling

5.8. Pollution, e.g. acid rain, plastics etc.

5.9. Energy resources

6. History

6.1. Using sources and evidence

6.2. Technological advancements in science

7. Art

7.1. Shadows and light

7.2. Diagrams

7.3. Inks and chromatography

7.4. Properties of materials

8. ICT

8.1. Coding and electric circuits

8.2. Augmented reality (AR) using iPads, e.g. Curiscope T-shirts

8.3. QR codes, e.g. accessing resources and research

8.4. Apps to support learning

8.5. Digital microscopes

8.6. Data collection, e.g. data loggers and video observations

8.7. Using ICT to present knowledge and understanding

9. RE

9.1. Ethics and morals, e.g. conservation of species

9.2. Religion versus science debates, e.g. natural selection and evolution

10. PSHE

10.1. Drugs, smoking and alcohol

10.2. Exercise and keeping fit

10.3. Healthy diet and nutrients

10.4. Spread of germs and micro-organisms

10.5. Global citizenship, e.g. clean water, pollution and recycling

11. PE

11.1. Skeleton, joints and muscles

11.2. Respiration and breathing

11.3. Heart and pulse rate

11.4. Exercise and keeping fit

11.5. Forces