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Fructure by Mind Map: Fructure

1. According to location of fracture(part of bone involved)

1.1. Diphyseal fracture(fracture of shaft)

1.2. Metaphysical fracture(fracture of proximal and distal metaphysis)

1.3. Physical fracture

1.3.1. Type 1(fracture of physics)

1.3.2. Type 3 (fracture of physics and ephysis)

1.3.3. Type 5 (crushing inguries of physis)

1.3.4. Type 4 (fracture of physics and epiphysis and distal diaphysis) New Topic

2. Un stable

2.1. Spiral

2.2. Multiple

3. Type 2(fracture of physics and diaphysis)

4. Obliqe

5. Incomplete

5.1. Green stick

5.2. Fissured

5.3. Deferred

5.4. Splintered

5.5. Star fracture

6. New Topic

6.1. Complete

6.1.1. According to soft tissue damage Simple Compound Complicated

6.1.2. According to no of fracture line Single Sigmented

6.1.3. According to direction of fracture line Transverse Obliqe Spiral Longtudinal

6.1.4. Comminuted

6.1.5. Transverse

6.1.6. According to displacement of bone fragment Angular Longtudinal Impacted Over lapping Avulsed Depressed

6.1.7. Compressed

6.2. According to stability

6.2.1. Stable Impacted Transverse Green stick

7. New Topic