Tic activity of english

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Tic activity of english by Mind Map: Tic activity of english

1. Santiago González Filo and Daniel pareja

2. Jeff Bezos He was know, because he is the most millonarie person in the world, because he was create Amazon, company whit sell and buy objects or all products in the web, he was born in New Mexico USA, the 13 of january of 1964, he study computation science and electric engieneer, whit this knowledge he was create in 1994 Amazon, in the honor to Amazonas, becasue he love this, he have 4 sons and have demands whit inferlity whit the wife, him patrimony is of $160 million of dollars.

2.1. Alvaro Uribe Velez He born in Medellin Colombia, at 1952 the 4 of july, him study in Harvard University and distrital university of Antioquia, he laern administration, managment, and he have assosiation whit Oxford University, he was work in Public managmet of Medellin and he had been working in Colombia Aeronautic, he was create a politic team or assosiation thet was call Democratic center, he used too the mayor of Medellin and in 2002 to 2010 do the president of Colombia, today he was work in senate of republic and lawyer.

3. Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez born in Dominican Republic,she was born 10 of december in 1986,today is a singer and compositor, she hadn´t been have a title or career in a university, but in child time she sing in a church, her study in school of Bellas Artes and in this academy she check her dreams, in 2000s she makes her first dicogrhaphical CD, and the active years whit her career has in 2012 and the present year, she sing Regueton, Trap, Pop, Bachatas and Ballads, she have song whit Ozuna, Becky G or Bad Bunny.

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