Concept map 10


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Concept map 10 by Mind Map: Concept map 10

1. Political Parties

1.1. Early political parties

1.1.1. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, were all Democratic Republicans.

1.1.2. things were switched in the beginning.

1.2. Modern Political Parties

1.2.1. civil rights era is when that big switch takes place.

1.3. they are not mentioned in the us constitution.

1.4. Washington said that parties would probably form dangerous factions. cause division and corruption.

1.4.1. while Washington was in office parties were already being created.

2. Federalists

2.1. Jefferson Republican

2.1.1. formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

2.2. advocate for states to unite under central authority.

2.3. Alexander Hamilton was the face for federalists.

3. Democrat

3.1. Liberal

3.1.1. fostering freedom and change.

3.2. Andrew Jackson face for democrats

3.3. FDR

3.3.1. Government should fix economy.

3.3.2. In fdr's time parties match more of what we have today.

4. Republican

4.1. Conservative

4.1.1. trying to conserve old ways

4.2. Lincoln was face for Republicans.

4.2.1. opposed slaver, and sponsored by gov.

5. Two party political system

5.1. Strengths/ weaknesses of two party system

5.2. they are both very similar, the deficit has been growing under both parties.

5.3. both parties are very hipocritical

5.4. most Americans are in the middle

6. Suffrage

6.1. Constitutional Amendments Extending Suffrage

6.1.1. 15 right to not vote shall not be denied based on race, sex, and religion.

6.1.2. 19 right to vote shall not be denied on account of sex.

6.1.3. 23

6.1.4. 24

6.1.5. 26

6.2. Right to vote