Lack of PPD Diagnosis & Treatment

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Lack of PPD Diagnosis & Treatment by Mind Map: Lack of PPD Diagnosis & Treatment

1. Mistrust of Medical System

1.1. Fear of Being Mislead

1.2. Fear of Violation of Confidentiality

1.3. Fear of Harmful Experimentation

1.4. Racism

2. Knowledge Deficits

2.1. Unaware of Resources

2.2. Unable to Recognize Symptoms

3. Barriers Related to Treatment Accessibility

3.1. Lack of Postnatal Appointments

3.2. Socioeconomic Barriers

3.3. Cultural Barriers

3.4. Language Barriers

4. Addressing the Problem

4.1. Begin PPD Education on 1st Encounter

4.2. Race Matching

4.3. Phone Call Follow Up with Hospital Nurses

4.4. Home Visits After Delivery