My Identity! (Mostly)

Identity/Concept Map Project--COMM218

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My Identity! (Mostly) by Mind Map: My Identity! (Mostly)

1. Oregon Army National Guard

1.1. Army Values-Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

1.2. Infantry (Reference Group)

1.2.1. Reconnaissance Platoon

1.3. Military Culture-Dumb haircuts, lots of unhealthy habits, vulgar language

1.4. Building future career?

1.4.1. Contracting as a civilian?

2. Oregonian

2.1. West coast best coast

2.2. I tend to identify more as an Oregonian than an American at times

2.3. Growing up in nature

2.4. Aloha--unincorporated Beaverton

2.5. Oregon State University

3. Religion

3.1. Christian

3.1.1. Where my values began forming

3.1.2. The Bible

3.1.3. Tradition

3.2. Spirituality

3.2.1. Prayer and meditation

3.3. Exploration/appreciation of all religions

4. Political Ideology

4.1. ***I wasn't going to include this but seeing as people tend to categorize others this way these days I saw it fitting, as it does play heavily into my identity and self-concept***

4.2. Classically Liberal/Libertarian (Not a party affiliate)

4.3. Most concerned with the American ideal of preservation of individual liberty

4.4. You cannot legislate morality

4.4.1. Human rights/natural rights preexist law

4.5. “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” ― Thomas Jefferson

5. Heroes and those that I look up to as role models

5.1. Mother/Father

5.2. Thomas Jefferson/Benjamin Franklin

5.3. Garand Thumb/PewDiePie (Been watching since I was a kid)

5.4. Ron Paul

5.5. Tony Cowden

5.6. Joan of Arc

5.7. Jiraiya

6. My Favorite Color

6.1. Ok, this is actually my favorite color

7. Girlfriend!

7.1. Three years going on strong

8. Microbiology (my major)

8.1. Bioinformatics

8.2. Immunology

8.3. Clinical Lab Science (Career potential)

9. I'm kind of a gun nut (hobby)

9.1. Building guns

9.2. Shooting practice

10. To contrast being a gun nut--I'm also an amateur gardener, outdoors in the summer, indoors in the winter

10.1. Cat grass for my cats!

10.2. Habaneros

10.3. Tomatoes

10.4. Lots of herbs