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Our Agency by Mind Map: Our Agency

1. Our Tools and Requirement

1.1. Main Tools

1.1.1. Main Office Office Managers Section Photograph and Design Section Developer and Marketing Section

1.1.2. Office Desks Managers Desks Office Supplies & Decor Staff Desks Office Supplies & Decor

1.1.3. Visual identity Design Logo Visit Cards Menu Propaganda Papers and pens

1.1.4. Staff Uniforms Suit Staff T-Shirts

1.1.5. ID card Managers Staff

1.2. Sub-Tools

1.2.1. Imaging equipment Office Desks High performance computer Professional Camera Professional lenses Lighting equipment Photography studio for products

1.2.2. Design Requirement Office High performance computer Manual design panel

1.2.3. Marketing Requirement Office A mid-performance computer Printer Printer Scanner

1.2.4. Other Offices Requirement Receptionist Office Cleaner Stuff

2. Our tasks

2.1. Photograph

2.1.1. Photography Advertising Photography Creative advertising ideas Photography Products Foods Clothes Others Events Photography Birth ceremonies Birthdays Events Graduation concerts Engagement occasions Weeding Weeding Photography Special female photography

2.1.2. Videography Advertising Videography Creative advertising ideas Advertising Promo Videography Creative advertising ideas Products Videography Event Videography Birth ceremonies Birthdays Events Graduation concerts Engagement occasions Weeding Weeding Videography Special female photography

2.1.3. Montage

2.2. Design

2.2.1. Visual identity Design Branding Logo Design Visit Cards Menu

2.2.2. Advertising Posters Design Social Media Posters Printed Design

2.2.3. Media Posters Design Social Media Posters

2.2.4. Video Animation Creative ideas

2.2.5. 3D Design

2.2.6. Website Design

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. Indoor Marketing Social Media Marketing Website Marketing Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter Whatsapp Telegram

2.3.2. Outdoor Marketing Road ads Advertising Promo Creative advertising ideas Photo Design Tv Ads Video Animation Voice Commentator Radio Ads Voice commentator Voice commentator Ads Girls Boys Mens Womens Promotional idea of the product Delegates Staff Visual Merchandiser

2.4. Services

2.4.1. Mobile Apps Development Android Ios PC

2.4.2. Printing Services Outdoor Indoor

2.4.3. Website Development

3. Our Clients

3.1. Companies

3.2. Commercial Companies

3.3. Shops

4. Our Staff and Mangers

4.1. Administrators

4.1.1. General Manger

4.1.2. Assistant Director

4.2. Staff members

4.2.1. Director of Public Relations

4.2.2. Receptionist

4.2.3. Cleaner

4.3. Section Managers

4.3.1. Director of Photography Photographer Assistant

4.3.2. Director of Videography Videographer Assistant Video Producer

4.3.3. Director of Design Junior Graphic Designer

4.3.4. Director of Marketing Social Media Specialist Social Media Publisher

4.3.5. Site Engineer Web designer

4.3.6. Mobile Application Developer

5. Project costs

5.1. Office price for 1 year

5.2. Basics Stuff

5.2.1. Decor

5.2.2. Staff and administrative offices

5.3. Department of Photography costs

5.3.1. Professional Camera

5.3.2. Photography lenses

5.3.3. Lighting Supplies

5.3.4. High performance computer

5.4. Design department costs

5.4.1. High performance computer

5.4.2. Manual design panel

5.5. Marketing department costs

5.5.1. A low-performance computer

5.5.2. Printer

5.5.3. Printer Scanner

6. Our Steps

6.1. 1st Step is Construction Plan

6.1.1. The construction plan is our the first step where we will build the basics of the company from rules and sections and distribution and from our staff to supervisors to department managers to draw a diagram and illustrative of the company's promotion of advertising and the announcement of our functions as founders and department managers and employees and our free employees who will dealing with us

6.2. 2nd Step Plan of processing and promotion

6.2.1. After setting the foundation of the company and the illustration of the functions of the company with full functions we will promote in internal and external at largest presence in the city and community events and the sponsorship some projects and local events of the services like photography and design and marketing to raise the name of the company at less time and that will allow us to dealing with larger companies there and our presence which is our primary goal

6.3. 3rd Start Plan

6.3.1. After the promotion the name of our company in multiple places and many events, this work will provide us with opportunities to deal with large local companies present and names then we can start to receive smaller customers to increase our profit rate of the company and expansion through the team and our equipment and a larger workplace, We can say we will start with the largest expansion of our work and this will be the plan to start our main goal and it is to be top 3