Upward Patellar Fixation In Horse

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Upward Patellar Fixation In Horse by Mind Map: Upward Patellar Fixation In Horse

1. Types

1.1. Persistent

1.2. Intermittent

1.2.1. Patellar stringhalt

1.3. Momentary

2. Causes

2.1. Straight hindlimb cofirmation

2.2. Overstreching of the patellar ligament

2.3. Loss of the quadriceps femoris muscle tone

2.4. Higher medial hoof wall and elongated toes

2.5. Hormonal disturbances in pregnancy,high milker,after parturation

2.6. Secondary to neurological diseases

3. Definition

3.1. pathological condition of the stifle in which medial patellar ligament cought over the medial trochlear ridge.

4. Signs

4.1. Locked hind limb in extention position ,stifle can't be flexed

4.2. Backing is very difficult or impossible

4.3. Foot dragging

5. Treatment

5.1. Injection of counterirritant into middle,medial patellar ligament

5.2. Medial patellar ligament splitting

5.3. Medial patellar desmotomy (MPD)

5.3.1. Sedation Xylaject Chloral hydrate

5.3.2. Analgesia Linear infilteration under skin Inside joint

5.3.3. Physical restrain

5.3.4. Site preparation Clipping&shaving Disinfection

5.3.5. Skin incision

5.3.6. Cutting medial patellar ligamet by tentome

6. Complications

6.1. Sepsis of stifle joint (gonitis)

6.2. Incomplete severing of the ligament

6.3. Lacerated wound of the skin medially

6.4. Open stifle joint

6.5. Cutting middle patellar ligamet(paralysis)

6.6. Heamorrhage (scanty)