Tech Companies

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Tech Companies by Mind Map: Tech Companies

1. Google

1.1. Services

1.1.1. Gmail

1.1.2. Maps

1.1.3. Photos

1.1.4. Drive

1.1.5. Translate

1.2. Products

1.2.1. Software Search Engine Android Youtube Stadia A cloud-based gaming platform

1.2.2. Hardware Phones & Tablets Pixel Devices Home Devices Home Home Wifi Daydream View Virtual Reality Headset Security Devices

2. Amazon

2.1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2.1.1. Compute Power

2.1.2. Database Storage

2.1.3. Content Delivery

2.2. Online Marketplace

2.2.1. Hardware Products Amazonbasics Products All kinds of Accessories Amazon Kindle Devices Digital Reading Tablets Echo and Fire Devices Alexa-Integrated Devices Whole-Home Security Systems eg. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

2.2.2. Services Amazon Prime Amazon Music Kindle Unlimited Audible

2.2.3. Third-Party Sellers

3. Microsoft

3.1. Products

3.1.1. Software Windows Windows 10 Windows Server 2016 Office Office 2019

3.1.2. Hardware Surface Devices Laptops, Tablets & PCs XBox Gaming Console Virtual & Mixed Reality Headsets Microsoft HoloLens

3.2. Services

3.2.1. Azure Cloud-Services platform

3.2.2. Office365

3.2.3. OneDrive

3.2.4. Bing Search Engine