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Chapter 3 by Mind Map: Chapter 3

1. Vocabulary words

2. 3.2 Solving Equations Having Like Terms and Parentheses

2.1. Writing and Solving an Equation

2.2. Solving Equations using the Distributive Property

2.2.1. vocabulary words

2.3. Combining like terms after Distributing

3. 3.3 Solving Equations with Variable on Both Sides

3.1. Solving an equation with the variable on both sides

3.2. Writing and solving an equation

3.3. An equation with no solution

3.4. Solving an equation with all numbers as solutions

3.5. Solving an equation to find a perimeter

4. 3.5 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication or Division

4.1. Solving an Inequality using multiplication

4.2. Solving an Inequality using division

4.3. Writing and solving an Inequality

5. 3.4 Solving Inequalities Using Addition or Subtraction

5.1. Writing an graphing an Inequality

5.2. Solving an Inequality using subtraction

5.3. Solving an Inequality using addition

5.4. Writing and solving an Inequality

6. 3.6 Solving Multi- Step Inequalities

6.1. Writing and solving a Multi-Step Inequality

6.2. Solving a Multi-Step Inequality

6.3. Combining like terms in Multi-Step Inequality

7. 3.1 Solving Two- Step Equations

7.1. Using Subtraction and Division for solving

7.2. Using Addition and Multiplication to Solve

7.2.1. Vocabulary Words

7.3. Solving an equation with negative Coefficients