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Improving Writing Skills by Mind Map: Improving Writing Skills


1.1. mobile learning refers to the acquisition of knowledge through mobile devices.

1.1.1. how new communication technologies can be used to serve the learning objectives CALL Computer-Assisted Language Learning MALL Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

1.2. Podcasts and the Learning Process

1.3. Attention and Motivation in Class

1.4. Debates

2. Exploring Classroom Microblogs

2.1. Students can access to the microblogs easier and whatever device

2.2. hand-in-hand with social networking

2.3. Uses short paragraph

2.4. Edmode

2.5. Students can read and write their ideas, opinions at the same time they have read their classmates´ contributions

3. A Mobile-based on a Language Tool

3.1. Functions

3.1.1. It has been created by Korean learners

3.1.2. Devices are accesible to learners

3.1.3. Two learning modes Grammar review Writing practice

3.1.4. evaluates the learner´s inguistics knowlegde

3.1.5. Mobile offers opportunities to practice language

3.2. Errors analizysis of English writings

3.2.1. Definition Seem to focus studying learners´output Learners´writing are used to identify errors The results are used to set of error detecting rules in the tool

3.2.2. Grammatical categories and errors Provides assintants to learners Common errors Learners choose the category to review or learn about usages and linguistic nature Agreement Aspect Comparison Mood Inflection Noun plural Spelling Tense Voice Word order

3.3. A Mobile-based English learning Tool

3.3.1. systems overview Learners install the app in their dievices and the app provides all the feedback according to the correct answer

3.3.2. App interface The app provides some option that learner can select according to his/her selection. It shows the progress and the type of excercise

4. Literacies through Digital Gaming Literacies

4.1. Facebook

4.1.1. Gaming allows to users play games

4.1.2. Users spend 55 minutes a day on this app

4.1.3. Allows to users communicate and share information

4.1.4. Students use facebook in classes

4.1.5. Do not need to download the app