Uni student experiences

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Uni student experiences by Mind Map: Uni student experiences

1. Does living a fair way away from the university effect the attitudes & motivation of students who have to commute... - Lucie

1.1. - Travel time cuts down the time where students could be studying and using their time more usefully.

2. Should attendance matter if you're doing well academically

2.1. A student that is performing well academically should not be penalised due to their attendance

2.2. Attendance doesn't measure your knowledge therefore it shouldn't be graded

2.3. pressures working

3. Does sleep and stress hinder student performance?

3.1. lack of sleep can affect cognitive performance

3.2. Adds to lack of focus

3.3. lack of sleep can lead to a more stressful work environment

3.4. students have to deal with the stress of juggling both work and uni, therefore affecting their overall sleep

4. How work and uni coexist. Does increasing hour effect performance at uni?

4.1. Personally working 20+ hours a week makes it hard to study at home

4.1.1. 83% of domestic students were employed with over a third working more than 20 hours a week - universities Australia 2017

4.2. Uni students are expected to undertake lots of hours of study for each subject which is unrealistic

4.2.1. Savings 2017 interviews those working part time jobs and has accounts of students who found such sacrifices impact their work - not getting hours after asking for time off.

4.3. Leaves no time for social activities and non academic activities

4.3.1. Bernstein says social interactions are important for wellbeing

4.3.2. Halls says there is no correlation between long hours of work and overall university experience