Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law by Mind Map: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law

1. Laws weren't written down or developed as a code.

2. Laws were incorporated into traditions and ways of life.

3. Through traditions of storytelling and performances, Aboriginal law was passed through generations.

4. Dreaming stories contained clear messages about how people were the to live and the consequences hat could be expected for not following these expectations.

5. People who felt that they had been wrong first tried to settle this dispute through the network of obligation that existed under the kinship system.

6. If a rule or law was broken people were asked things such as where they were, how or why the affected person was injured or killed and the circumstances.

7. Children were expected to behave accordingly to the teachings of the group when the have gone though initiation.

8. Rather than writing down rules and laws people knew how to behave and knew what was expected of them such as how to treat their elders.