Code of Ethical Conduct

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Code of Ethical Conduct by Mind Map: Code of Ethical Conduct

1. Ethical Responsibilities to Children

1.1. Ideals

1.1.1. support children;s development and learning ability.

1.2. Principles

1.2.1. Aware the children's safety issue.

2. Ethical Responsibilities to Families

2.1. Ideals

2.1.1. Invite families in children's educational and developmental issues.

2.2. Principles

2.2.1. Inform and share the children's physical and emotional changes with family members.

3. Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

3.1. Co-workers

3.1.1. Ideal Make a good relationship and respect co-workers.

3.1.2. Principles Make a equally treated environment.

3.2. Employers

3.2.1. Ideals Help to keep the good reputation of the program.

3.2.2. Principles Try not to violate the law.

4. Ethical Responsibilities to Community and Society

4.1. Ideal

4.1.1. Try to provide the best child care in the community

4.2. Principles

4.2.1. Keep the laws and regulations to make the professional program