Upward patellar fixation

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Upward patellar fixation by Mind Map: Upward patellar fixation

1. Treatment :

1.1. (Operation in standing position) Land mark; tibial tuberosity 1. Tranquilizer... to calm animal 2. Local infiltration analgesia s/c and under medial patellar lig. at medial groove 3. medial patellar desmotomy

2. Causes

2.1. a. Straight hind limb confirmation b. overstretching of patellar ligaments c. Loss tone of quadriceps ms. d. Hormonal disturbance (pregnancy _lactation _parturation) f. 2andary to neurological dis.

3. Def.:

3.1. Pathological condition of stifle joint in which medial patellar ligament becomes caught over medial trochlear ridges. Hind limb..... not flexed, affected limb extend caudally abducted position.

3.2. New Topic

4. Signs:

4.1. Permanent upward fixation

4.1.1. Stifle.... not flexed Foot dragging

4.2. Temporary upward fixation

4.2.1. Patellar stringhalt (jerks up quickly) Backing difficult