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Manifest Destiny by Mind Map: Manifest Destiny

1. To express their belief that the united states destiny was to expand to the pacific ocean into mexico territory .

1.1. Expanding west helped the Americans start fresh and have better farming land .

1.1.1. They moved west because of economic problems . Them moving westward effected tNative americans in a negative way

2. 'Middle ground

2.1. The place that neither the native Americans nor the settlers dominated .The middle ground was where they traded .

3. Santa fe trail

3.1. Lead 780 miles from independence Missouri to santa fe New mexico

4. Oregon trail

4.1. 2,000 mile trial used by american pioneers

5. Joseph smith

5.1. Associate established the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in faytteny in 1830

6. Mormons

6.1. Religious community

7. Treaty of fort Laramie

7.1. Provided various Native American nations control of the central plains,land east of rocky mountains that stretched from Arkansas river north to canada .

8. Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

8.1. The slogan referred to the latitude 54 40, the northern limit of the disputed Oregon territory.

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