Rachel Morton's Life Map

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Rachel Morton's Life Map by Mind Map: Rachel Morton's Life Map

1. Cranial Fracture

1.1. This accident was the first real memory I have about my childhood. It was the first major event in my life.

2. 4-H Memories and Accomplishments

2.1. I spent 10 year actively involved in the program and it lead to many wonderful memories such as receiving my gold honors, becoming the KY chicken judging champion, national congress, and learning leadership skills.

3. Surviving Abusive Relationships

3.1. During my late teen years, I was in two controlling relationships. I was involved with people who did not have my best interest at heart. I was physically and sexually assaulted. I had my life threatened and was held at gun point. This has really opened my eyes and sparked a fire in me.

4. Diagnosis of HS

4.1. In 2014, after years of suffering I finally received a diagnosis. Coming to terms with a life-long condition was tough emotionally.

5. Diagnosis of APS and Lupus

5.1. In February 2019, after having some long standing medical issues, I finally was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome or APS for short. I also have been diagnosed with lupus. Now I am facing life-long treatment and monitoring.

6. Married

6.1. In December 2017, I married Keaton, my husband.

7. Graduating Undergraduate

7.1. In May 2017, I graduated with my BA in Sociology

8. Began my Career

8.1. Shortly after graduation I began working for Mountain Comprehensive Care Center at Creekside CCU

9. Furthering my Education

9.1. In January 2019, I began my journey to pursue my masters degree. This was an important step for me.

10. Multiple Surgical Procedures

10.1. After receiving the diagnosis of HS, I faced several medical procedures and surgeries over the span of a couple years.

11. Mother's Diagnosis of Cancer

11.1. During my first semester of college, My mother was diagnosed with 4th stage Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I had to step up and care for my sister while my parents temporarily moved to TX for my mother's treatments. I took on a second job to help financially.

12. Buying my 1st Home

12.1. In August 2017, I purchased my first home

13. Life on the Farm

13.1. I enjoyed my childhood raising animals, exploring nature, and living in the country.

14. My 1st Job

14.1. In high school, I started working at McDonald's. During these years I learned how to support myself.

15. Meeting my Husband

15.1. After my mother was in remission I transferred to Alice Lloyd to finish my undergraduate degree. At ALC, I met Keaton. He was special and our relationship was different than all my prior ones I had been in. This time in my life it was like a breath of fresh air and it helped me continue to heal from my past.