Upward patellar fixation

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Upward patellar fixation by Mind Map: Upward patellar fixation

1. Definition

1.1. Pathological condition of the stifle in which medial patellar ligament become caught over the medial trochlear ridge

2. Causes

2.1. Straight hind limb confirmation

2.2. Overstretching of patellar ligament

2.3. Loss of quadriceps femoris muscle tone

2.4. Higher medial hood wall and elongated toes

2.5. Hormonal disturbance

2.6. Secondary to neurological disease

3. Signs

3.1. Locked hind limb in extension position

3.2. Stifle can't be flexed

3.3. Permenant upward fixation

3.4. Temporary upward fixation &intermittent catching

3.5. Patellar sting halt

3.6. Foot dragging

3.7. Very difficult backing

4. Treatment

4.1. Injection of counterirritanats into middle and medial patellar ligaments

4.2. Medial patellar ligament splitting

4.3. Medial patellar desmotomy

4.3.1. Operation should be in standing position - under effect of local infiltration of medial and middle patellar ligament - stab wound should be done in skin and subcutaneous tissue at medial groove by using sterile scalpel -tentom is introduced under medial patellar ligament and turn sharp side toward medial patellar ligament and sudden severe it -oozing blood arrested by pressure using tampons soaked in tincture iodine

5. Complications

5.1. Sepsis of stifle joint

5.2. Incomplete severing of ligament

5.3. Lacerated wound of the skin medially

5.4. Open joint

5.5. Mistake for cutting middle patellar ligament

5.6. Scanty hemorrhages