Business Structure Decisions

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Business Structure Decisions by Mind Map: Business Structure Decisions

1. Sargent Solutions, Inc.

1.1. Rename to Something Elese

1.1.1. File first at TX

1.1.2. File additional at WA

1.1.3. Also have to file with IRS

2. Family Management Co

2.1. No Filing Required w State

2.2. Need to file for EIN with IRS

2.3. After EIN, open bank account

3. Indigo Idea Group, LLC

3.1. Key DBA Brands- File WA all

3.1.1. LifeTested Media, LLC (WA/WY DBA)

3.1.2. Handpicked Home Decor, LLC (WA DBA)

3.1.3. Worship Tech Design, LLC (WA DBA, OR)

3.1.4. LifeTested Gear, LLC (WA DBA)

3.1.5. ?? Technical Skills Agency (WA DBA)