My Awesome Goal

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My Awesome Goal by Mind Map: My Awesome Goal

1. Professional Goals

1.1. I will create student-centered activities and make my class more fun. I will practice many class activities from JIEI.

1.2. I will teach English to seniors and I will help them to use English easily. Also, I will learn lesson about a life from them. I will have a good time with them.

1.3. I will score Level7 on my TOEIC Speaking Test. I will speak in English at least 1 hour everyday.

2. Personal Goals

2.1. I will take a walk for 30 minutes everyday and ride a bike once a week. I will travel with my bike in Jeju.

2.2. I will enjoy NY. I will have delicious food and visit awesome attractive tourism. I will watch a musical.

2.3. I will go to PSY concert with my friends in summer.