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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Summative Assessments

1.1. graded

1.2. a midterm exam

1.3. a final project

2. Purpose of Assessments

2.1. to improve students' learning

2.2. used to determine their next teaching and learning steps

2.3. to track progress being made by the learner

3. Formative Assessments

3.1. range of formal and informal assessments

3.2. conducted by teachers during the learning process

3.3. identify their strengths and weaknesses

4. Grading

4.1. points

4.2. Weighting Scale

4.3. rubrics

5. High-Stakes Standardized Assessments

5.1. Narrowing of the curriculum

5.2. Teaching to the test

5.3. School and Teacher accountability

6. Statistics in Education

6.1. presenting analysis and interpreting data

6.2. helps in drawing general conclusion

6.3. organization