John the Savage

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John the Savage by Mind Map: John the Savage

1. values and vices

1.1. An incredibly firm set of morals

1.1.1. Shakespeare's infuence

1.1.2. His mother's lover and drug habits

1.1.3. Christianity/Indigenous religion

1.2. Sexual attraction and admiration to Lenina

1.2.1. leads to an excessive amount of conflict

1.3. Curiosity

1.3.1. learns about bows and pottery in the reservation

1.3.2. asks many questions to everyone in London

2. symbols

2.1. the whip : John's intense wish to be a part of society and belong, the pain he's willing to go through to gain acceptance

3. achytypal colors

3.1. Orange : vibrant, lively, pride/ambition, call to action

3.2. Yellow : represents the sun, movement, confidence, betrayal

4. motivations and values

4.1. He is motivated to be accepted and welcomed by anyone

4.1.1. London : only loved him for his entertainment value

4.1.2. Family : his mother rejected him due to her intense conditioning against motherly attachments

4.1.3. Native Reservation : was shunned for his differences and his mother's reputation

5. conflicts

5.1. Society : does not fit in so he often resents or mocks it

5.2. Himself : between his desires and morals

5.3. Authority/Established Order : the soma riot

6. Inner/Outer persona

6.1. The Londoners are not able to see that John is exactly himself on the inside as he is on the outside.