Requirements Engineering Framework

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Requirements Engineering Framework by Mind Map: Requirements Engineering Framework

1. OA: Intoduction

1.1. Text: what is the goal

1.2. Text: What is vision

1.3. Text: Context

1.4. Text: Establishing a vision in context

1.5. Text: Summary

2. OA: System Context

2.1. Text: What is it

2.2. Text: What are its parts

2.3. Text: Summary

3. OA: Core activities

3.1. Text: What are they

3.2. Text: Purpose of each

3.3. Text: Summary

3.4. Text: Which are they

4. OA: Requirements artifacts

4.1. Text: What it is?

4.2. Text: Types of artefacts

4.3. Text: Summary

5. OA: Validation

5.1. Text: What is it

5.2. Text: How it supports core activities

5.3. Text: Summary

6. OA: Management

6.1. Text: What is it

6.2. Text: How it support core activities

6.3. Text: Summary