The 16 year-old-life saver

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The 16 year-old-life saver by Mind Map: The 16 year-old-life saver

1. Check breathing +sign of life

2. teachess every year more than 400000 people how to save a life

3. Tejinder Purewal

3.1. 16 years old

3.2. He has join the army cadets were he learnd the CPR

3.3. He saved Antonio Fernandes

3.3.1. he moved the man onto his side so that the foam could drain

3.3.2. he called the 999

3.3.3. he kept calm

3.4. hounslow london

4. how to save a person when he has a heart attack

4.1. Call 999

4.2. Perform Cpr


5.1. The ambulance service receives 10.7 million emergency calls every year

5.2. st john ambulance is a voluntary first aid