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1. Purpose: the government of East Germany decided to construct the wall to divide East and West Berlin. It also served as a barrier to stop all of the refugees leaving from East Berlin.

2. People were leaving around the 1950s to find jobs and live a better life. Eastern Germany was afraid to lose its labor force, but it was also ashamed of the emigration.

3. Sources

4. What does the Wall symbolize? The Berlin Wall symbolized the Cold War and divide between the communist Soviet bloc and the western democratic, capitalist bloc.

5. Sources: Remembering the Berlin Wall

6. Source: Berlin Wall

7. The night of August 12, 1961 took citizens by surprised as they awoke to find soldiers had used barbed wire as a border between the two halves. Due to no warning, trams that went between the halves had stopped in their tracks, people headed to shop or visit friends on the other side of the city were turned back, and deadly force was employed to keep people from crossing. Over the next 25 years, a series of solid walls and barbed-wire barriers, as well as a “death strip” of cleared land with tripwires and mines were implemented to prevent people from escaping. Over the next four decades, more than 140 people were killed due to the Berlin Wall.

8. The separation of the two side also affected the way they functioned. Electricity, sewage, and other systems had been separated. Public transport was as well which caused difficulty.

9. People of the different side felt differently. The people trying to leave wanted different opportunities and to live in a different way. Some people didn't want the immigration so they were happy that he refugees couldn't escape. There were many mixed emotions about to Berlin Wall

10. The Berlin Wall as a political symbol