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Patterns by Mind Map: Patterns

1. Objective

1.1. The student will use colored patterned blocks to copy a pattern picture.

2. Ohio Academic Content Standards

2.1. Recognize, duplicate and extend simple patterns using attributes such as color, shape, or size.

3. Grade Level/Age

3.1. Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 year olds)

4. Group Size

4.1. 12 students working as a group initially then on their own using their chrome books.

5. Prior Knowledge

5.1. Copy and anticipate a repeating pattern. Follows and remembers movements in familiar songs or rhymes.

6. Future Learning

6.1. Understanding patterns help prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations.

7. Methods of Teaching Lesson

7.1. Using the SmartBoard and the website, the teacher will navigate to the Pre-K Patterns page and demonstrate making a pattern while giving the students choices in the pattern making. The teacher will ask the students to choose two shapes (example: the students choose circle and square) next the teacher will ask the students to choose one of the two shapes to begin with then ask how many to begin with, one or two? (example: the students choose two squares) Next the teacher asks how many circles, one or two? to use after the two squares. (example: the students choose one) So, the pattern is two squares and one circle, repeat that pattern three times. The teacher will ask the students to say the pattern out loud as a group. (square, square, circle, square, square, circle, square, square, circle) Now the students will be asked to make this same pattern on their chrome books using the Pattern Game. Once they have completed the pattern, the students will be asked to create their own pattern.

8. Guided Questions

8.1. What two shapes would you like to use? Which shape should we start with? How many would you like to start with, one or two?

9. Materials

9.1. SmartBoard Projector, Computer with website account setup, Chrome book with account setup.

10. Use of Technology

10.1. The teacher will use a SmartBoard with LED Projector. The students will use chrome books with account setup with to use Pre-K Patterns Game.

11. Accommodations Extensions

11.1. Changing the grade level of the Pattern game for younger or older students to accommodate their understanding. Provide secondary tools for ESL students such as shape name flash cards in Spanish and English so they can make the connection between shape and name.

12. Evaluation

12.1. Does the student successfully recreate the pattern demonstrated and/or complete their own pattern successfully?

13. Reflections