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Nervous system by Mind Map: Nervous system

1. Central nervous system

1.1. Spinal cord

1.1.1. Cervical

1.1.2. Thoracic

1.1.3. Lumbar

1.1.4. Spinal nerves Afferents Body Efferents Brain

1.2. Brain

1.2.1. Diencephalon Thalamus Directs sensory impulse to the cerebrum Hypothalamus Regulates

1.2.2. Cerebellum In charge of Balance Posture Muscle tone Muscle coordination

1.2.3. Cerebrum Temporal In charge of Frontal In charge of Pariental In charge of Occipital In charge of

1.2.4. Midbrain In charge of controlling Reflexes of the eyes Reflexes of the audition

1.2.5. Pons In charge of Reflex actions

1.2.6. Medulla oblongata Regulates Blood pressure Sneezing Coughing Swallowing Respiration Digestion Heart functioning

2. Peripheral nervous system

2.1. Somatic N.S

2.1.1. Motor information Efferent motor neurons

2.1.2. sensory information Afferent sensory neurons

2.2. Autonomic N.S

2.2.1. Sympatheic N.S "Fight or flight"

2.2.2. Parasympathetic N.S Systems back to normal